Spot Color Printing: This is the most common form of screen printing tee shirts. This method1 color at at time printing technique. This will produce a very vibrant solid “spot” of color.. Printing in spot colors is very durable and last many wash cycles. Very cost effective to print on 1 to 4 colorsWith this method you can not print photo realistic fish

​​Screen Printing

Want  to outfit you team?

Great Cost Effective solution for large quantities >24 

average cost per shirt 14.50

For captians teams, crew or family outings

​  artists will then adjust the hull color, add sat nav, radar, outriggers or other features that match your boat. 
We will illustrate the boat  to create the  vision of your ideas.

Boatique Graphics

445 SE 1st Ave. Suite D, Delray Beach, FL 33444


"the palm beach edtion" 

3 color back.  1 color front

*screen printing you count the colors used